Initially conceived in 1991, EarthStation became a working idea for Jeffrey Wren, which was primarily an exercise in the discovery of sound, valid, and timeless methods of   EarthStation became the vehicle by which these ideas were tested.  By entering design competitions and taking on relatively small commissions, a process was invented and slowly cultivated into the design process which we use to create our buildings today.  It is eminent that this process continues to evolve and be tweaked to maintain its validity in a world of ever-changing social, economic, and technological issues.

Meanwhile, as the idea of EarthStation was slowly simmering, Mr. Wren spent 12 years gathering valuable experience in a number of office cultures, and on a wide range of building types.  Throughout this tenure, Mr. Wren maintained his interest in the process of discovery and creation, while honing his technical skills, and overall knowledge of the practice of architecture.  It is this breadth of experience that makes EarthStation a viable and powerful enterprise.

EarthStation opened its doors permanently in June of 2003.  Using its residential and light commercial projects as a springboard, EarthStation has rapidly become a recognizable force in the architectural community of Atlanta.  By focusing on creating the highest quality of design, space, and craftsmanship, EarthStation intends to become a significantly larger voice in the world of architecture.  Our values combined with our desire to satisfy and inspire will take us to that precipice.