The primary goal behind the machine that is EarthStation is the creation of Art in the context of the built environment.  EarthStation is about the striving toward some ideal that elevates the consciousness of those who occupy and make use of each building and space.  The intent is to create a pleasurable, memorable, and spatially innovative experience, often very subtle in its expression, but charged with the energies and vitalities of life.  EarthStation is passionate about the process that reveals something unique in all of us, and in all of our daily experiences, and our goal is to reveal those special characteristics in the form of Architecture.

An intensive dialog initiates the collaborative process; as a critical means of extracting those special characteristics about each project which lend themselves to the making of something unique.  These special characteristics, integrated with programmatic needs, client budget and schedule, building placement opportunities, construction technology and environmental context, generate the kernel that evolves during the design process into what becomes Architecture.

Architecture is the connective tissue between It is in the area of this connective tissue that EarthStation likes to play.  We are certain that each project has any number of appropriate solutions, and our duty is to find the solution that most comfortably aligns with the parameters of each project.  Rigorous analysis and a thorough questioning process lead to the discovery of the kernel that allows us to create the connective tissue.  We refer to this conceptual base repeatedly during the design process as a means of verifying the validity of our mission.  When the project has been completed, our measure of success is the complete satisfaction of the Client and the design team. Our job is to push back the boundaries of ordinary building technology to allow Architecture to enter into existence.  When we have effectively done our job, we have made a vital contribution to our built environment, and have offered a responsive, socially relevant solution that is appropriate to its time and to its place.  In doing such, we are making Art, and we are creating a powerful sense of place.